Patent US6947067

Ape TV is according to this patent. Google Chromecast does also infringe our patent as much as Apple Tv. You can read the full patent by downloading here.US6947067B2.pdf

The first claim is the most important:

Claim 1

1. A method for transferring image and sound data from a mobile phone to a television, comprising:

  • generating a signal in the mobile phone from the image and sound data received by the mobile phone;
  • transmitting the signal in a format that conforms to a Bluetooth-protocol as an output signal from the mobile phone;
  • receiving the output signal from the mobile phone as an input signal at a module;
  • converting the input signal to image-sound signals in the module; and
  • connecting the image-sound signals from the module to the television, wherein the module is a mobile telephone accessory located at the television.