Level Crossing Alarm System

This system is based on Bluetooth technology, which means that it is very cheap.

We have filed a patent last autumn, which is still pending and our aim is to get an international patent.

Here is the basic idea:

New patent

A) Shortdistance radiosystem will be installed in a train. There are commercially available 2km range devices that require an external antenna. A directional antenna is used on the train. This transmitter / receiver device is connected to a train computer system which is connected, for example, RHK (The Finnish Transport Agency).

RHK controls level crossings and sends, for example, the equipment
and personnel needed to replace the battery.

When a train approaches an unguarded level crossing at a speed of 120Km / h, then this short-range radio transmitter signal arrives at the level crossing 1 minute before
crossing the level crossing.

There is also installed a red blinking light on the train system which is going to blink when this train system has not received an acknowledgment of the nearest level
grossing that the system is working. In this case, the driver of the train understands that there is something wrong in the level crossing system and therefore he can approach the level crossing with some caution.

B) A similar short-range transceiver / receiver is installed in the level crossing. A blinking green and blinking red low energy light and battery are installed on the level crossing and in addition, an antenna is installed in this level crossing system and the entire
equipment is in a frost-proof, insulated housing.

C) When a train approaches a level crossing, the device receives it in the form of a Bluetooth signal, for example, and switches on the flashing red light. When the train has passed the level crossing, ie the signal strength decreases to a certain extent, the blinking green light lights up in the system.

D) The Commersal Bluetooth system consumes 120 microamper, for example, in
Stand by mode. Normal operation takes only about 30mA. This means that the battery can be selected for 6 to 12 months.