224 million people

In fact, two-thirds of Americans own at least a single connected device today. That means 224 million people can consume media and advertising on their terms, from catching a live episode of their favorite sitcom to binge-watching an entire season of a show through an OTT app. Yet despite the immense freedom that OTT oers, nearly 63% of TV connected device usage occurs in the living room. And as a result, living room viewing has become a more personalized, choicedriven experience that has opened the door to new opportunities for advertisers to connect with consumers.


NPD Finds More than 1 Billion Connected Devices in U.S. Households

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Billion Connected Devices in U.S. Households

U.S. households had more than 1 billion
connected devices as of February, according to NPD Group. The explosive growth
of technology purchasing amid the COVID-19 pandemic drove a big jump in U.S.
connected devices.

The firm’s “Device Ownership Trends
& Profile Report” found that there was an increase of more than 100 million
TV-connected and mobile devices in U.S. internet households between February
2020 and February 2021. At the end of the period of the study, Internet homes
had an average of 9.5 installed and connected devices, an increase of 1 device
per home from the start of the study.

Devices covered include connected TVs,
streaming media players, Blu-ray disc players, video game consoles, laptops,
desktops, tablets and smartphones. The report was based on NPD’s Connected Home
survey, which is received by 5,000 consumers above the age of 18. The study was
in the field between January 25 and February 11, 2021.