The Directed Share Issue open 09.05.2016

The returns of this directed share issue is intended to be a support for starting production of APE TV. To execute this increasing of the capital stock we are offering to imply these surcharges apply new shares which you can make a reservation into our reservation system.

We have decided to offer first 10000 shares at the price of 200 euros per share. The minimum of the right subscribe is 1000 euros which means 5 shares in those first 10000 shares.

We have developed a reservation system which mean that you can make your reservation to the email-system of the company at the following way: subject "Reservation of shares"

You have to inform the following details:

The number of shares you want: (number of shares)

Your name: (First name and last name)

Your address: (Your perfect mailing address)

Social security number

Your email address

You can get the information of the share subscription from our reservation system if there are free shares available at the time of your reservation.

The subscription price of shares have to pay in (7) seven banking days to the bank account of our company. You will get from reservation system the bank account information of our company.

This share issue shall apply to Finnish Companies Act and The Securities Market Act. You do not have to pay the asset transfer on this share issue.

We announce separately after the sale of the first 10000 shares.

The information of approved subscription of shares will be send by email and if there are extra payment the refund of them will occur after three weeks of the end of the share issue. We do not pay any interest of those refunds.

*We will get the statement and approval of the result and accounting of this Directed Share Issue from an official accountant.*